Fireblocks: Facilitating Institutional Involvement in Crypto


This also allows the users to interact with 1inch, Sushiswap, or PancakeSwap, for example. Dr Sven Lorenz has been responsible for IT as Vice President of Information Technology and CIO at Dr. Ing. h.c. Lorenz studied Information Technology and Business Administration at the University of Karlsruhe and the University of Oregon in the USA. Kearney in management consulting, at the end of the 1990s Lorenz became Managing Director of an e-business start-up within the Deutsche Post Group, before moving to Porsche AG in 2002. At the awards for “CIO of the Year” 2006, he won second place in the “large company” category.

Platform Updates Moonbeam x Fireblocks – Fireblocks

Platform Updates Moonbeam x Fireblocks.

Posted: Wed, 27 Apr 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Gemini’s mission is to empower individuals through crypto—first step to which is through helping users understand the mechanics and utility of this revolutionary asset class. The company is building a DeFi stack including an exchange, credit card, and trading software. Chainlink provides reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

Argo Blockchain

Over 1,000 coins and 30 protocols are presently supported by Fireblocks, and more integrations are constantly welcome. Additionally, Fireblocks previously supported the USDC stablecoin as well as the Solana native token SOL on its network. Branch makes the list for their creative take on introducing users to web3. Backed by Y Combinator, Polychain, TCG Crypto, and more, Branch is building a new-era creative experience for users everywhere through captivating games.

Innovation – We are committed to ering with ingenuity and to evolving business models for sustainability. From our investments in the Argo Innovation Lab, to providing open-source IP, we are constantly looking for better ways to create value for all our stakeholders. Integrity – We put trust at the forefront of everything we do – from working with investors, to stakeholders and community members. We are transparent and take a holistic and values-based approach to decision-making. Agility – Our team and network are global and robust, allowing us to pivot and respond to changes in our operating context and carve a path as climate-oriented leaders.

What We Offer

The tool also contains features like the creation of millions of fireblocks defi apid wallets, automating operations, and establishing global controls for DeFi transactions. The tool has also opened up the world of web3 to innovation and massive adoption. Is a smart contract development kit that allows developers to build high-quality and secured DeFi, GameFi, and NFT products.

Uniswap makes the list thanks to the early rigidity they’re providing to crypto exchange users. The open-source software removes the need for intermediaries and some forms of rent-seeking, while making DEX trading faster and more efficient than it was before. With Uniswap also being more resistant to censorship and placing great importance on security, they’re well positioned to be an essential crypto tool for many users. is a powerhouse in the distribution and democratization of Web3.

Market Makers / Prop Traders

They’re advancing global crypto adoption by helping businesses using Fireblocks software and APIs to custody, manage treasury operations, access DeFi, mint & burn tokens, and manage their digital asset operations. Securitize is the leader in digital asset securities, bringing together businesses seeking to raise capital with investors seeking access to alternative assets. As more and more companies enter the Web3 space and trillions of dollars of assets are transacted, digital asset infrastructure and security has never been more important. Web3 has been plagued by scams, hacks, and security vulnerabilities, making FireBlock’s products extremely valuable and deserving of a place on the moonshot list. Fireblocks is trusted by over 1200 institutions to store, trade and grow their digital assets and has secured the transfer of $2.5T in assets to date.

Cyverse Capital builds on the successful track record of Cyverse AG, the Zurich-based firm which distributes Israeli cyber-security software solutions to over 120 DACH-based multinational enterprises. Fireblocks has integrated the Badger app and in turn our Sett vaults into their Fireblocks DeFi API and browser extension products. This enables their users to deposit tokenized bitcoin directly into any of our automated yield producing vaults to generate between 10–197% APY. Today the total value locked in DeFi has reached $52B, but many would argue that institutional capital hasn’t arrived yet. Interacting with DeFi brings a variety of regulatory and operational challenges that make it difficult for institutions to participate.

Rally is bringing the creator economy to web3 via a platform that provides digital assets on the blockchain. Offering additive creator monetization through deeper fan engagement and rewards, Rally is enabling digital celebrities to make a living by changing how value is exchanged between creators and their fans. Quidd makes the list based on their efforts to introduce the world to web3. With its unique mintables technology and easy-to-use platform, Quidd brings accessible digital asset and NFT collecting to mass audiences, regardless of their crypto experience. The company is building a decentralized lending system that allows users to lend or borrow 17 of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies in a secure and easy fashion – and is now one the most active lending systems on Ethereum.

Later, Itay joined the turnaround of Gategroup Holding, a 43,000 employee Swiss multinational company with USD 4.8 billion in revenues, as Director for Investments & Projects. He was promoted to Global Head for M&A and Investments at Gategroup, and prepared the company for a USD 2 billion IPO and a landmark acquisition, further consolidating the industry. In 2017, Shira was selected as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. In 2018, she was selected by the Israeli financial magazine Globes as one of “40 Israeli Business Leaders under 40”.

  • Speed, thoughtfully – When a small number of dedicated and skilled people focus hard on solving a problem amazing things can be done in very little time.
  • They have the power to make or break a user’s experience with these applications and their underlying blockchains.
  • The company is building a DeX that makes perpetuals trading seamless, fast, and secure.
  • Fireblocks offers two mechanisms to access decentralized exchanges and DeFi apps.
  • Fireblocks’ close relationships with banks, hedge funds, VC firms, and other financial institutions will allow these users to access a broad range of products being built on NEAR.

Fireblocks have raised $179 million with its recent funding round in March 2021 with leading investors such as Coatue, Swisscom Ventures, BNY Mellon, Silicon Valley Bank and Stripes. The company provides its services to over 200 institutional clients and has to-date been responsible for the secure transfer of approximately $400 billion in digital assets. It also brings forward the ability to transfer assets between themselves and various counterparties via the Fireblocks network. In addition, users of the platform are also able to tokenize or deploy smart contracts and tap into the limitless opportunities of decentralized finance . The Badger protocol has over $1 billion worth of tokenized Bitcoin in its vaults from automated yield aggregation strategies, the company said in the announcement.

BadgerDAO Partners with Fireblocks to Bring Institutional Bitcoin to DeFi

Binance is committed to furthering the freedom of money; its products, services, and internal processes all have freedom baked in them. Binance seeks to empower other organizations through open platforms and infrastructure that support them in building great products. We selected Dune for being one of the leading web3 analytics platforms. Dune enables developers to turn blockchain data into actionable insights, enabling quicker development and better intelligence. Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to become an immediate contributor to a DAO. They provide a marketplace of bounties where users can earn governance tokens by doing things as simple as putting out a tweet or as complex as re-designing a front-end.

Here’s an example of Fireblocks clients utilizing their DeFi browser extension to interact with Uniswap securely. Though officially launched today, the Payments Engine has already been used by during its pilot phase to settle around $1 billion in crypto transactions. According to the analysts at JPMorgan, the network is growing and has outpaced Ethereum lately when it comes to NFTs. We selected Argo for their work in advancing the world to carbon neutrality.

Goldfinch is building a platform that empowers anyone to be a lender, not just banks. By focusing on our mission, empowering our team, focusing on balance and mindfulness, we are able to survive shocks and thrive in a world of uncertainty. We offer a 3 week paid vacation as well as 10 observed holidays by country.

TradeBlock sets themselves apart as one of the first organizations to work in web3 analytics, and is tackling the monumental mission and making solid headway. We offer the ability to work from one of our global offices, or from wherever you happen to be. We work as a team towards shared goals to build the ecosystem together.


The Rootstock network is secured by over 50% of Bitcoin hashing power through the process of merged mining. Every smart contract deployed on Rootstock can also be deployed on Ethereum with full compatibility. We may potentially have to integrate a Institutional TradFi/DeFi project on Fireblocks custody using a combination of XDC, Comtech Gold – Gold reserved backed coin and a DeFi protocol. Fireblocks is the first and only whitelister for Aave Arc, breaking down barriers for compliance-conscious institutions to enter DeFi. The Fireblocks DeFi API enables programmatic access to DeFi, while extending Fireblocks’ MPC and SGX protection and governance policies to every DeFi contract. FireblogsRead about the latest industry trends, platform updates, research, and insights from our experts.

Platform Updates Celo x Fireblocks – Fireblocks

Platform Updates Celo x Fireblocks.

Posted: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

The team is also incredibly innovative—their industry-leading primary issuance and compliance platform led to Securitize being recognized by CB Insights as a top 50 global innovator leveraging the blockchain. Republic Realm is a digital real estate vehicle that invests in virtual worlds through NFTs. They’re putting a modern spin on real estate by investing in, managing, and developing assets including NFTs, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, gaming, and infrastructure.

Friktion finds their way onto the list based on plans to build Circuits, a novel liquidity and portfolio management system built to drive long-term capital inflows and return generation for DAOs. Circuits enable a new generation of risk-aware DAOs — responsible for maximizing long-term value and managing capital . Through Circuits, DAOs will be able to access curated portfolio construction and risk management to scale the next generation of DeFi users. CoinList’s mission is to accelerate the advancement of blockchain technology.

In July 2020, the Aave system was recognized as being among the most active decentralized lending systems on Ethereum, having garnered $158 million in total deposits. We’re bullish on Aave’s ability to keep growing, and in the process, expand crypto accessibility through their technical expertise. Dapper Labs delivers blockchain-based experiences and digital collectibles that are made for you and GALA ready for the real world. They place an emphasis on sports NFTs , working with the likes of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

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