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To Sam’s shock and horror, the Shadow reveals that Billie’s true plan is to take power as the new God once Jack kills Amara and Chuck, leaving a power vacuum. For its help, Billie has promised to help the Shadow return to its slumber. Though the Shadow has located Chuck’s book in the library, only Billie can read it. Sam convinces the Shadow that he is working for Billie and the being reluctantly turns the book over to him.

In the afterlife, Lily is greeted by Anubis who again weighs her soul and determines that Lily can now enter Heaven. Lily is implied to have known that helping Jack would be fatal to her and helped anyway and that this selfless action changed her fate. Anubis sends Lily’s soul off to be reunited with her daughter at long last with Lily smiling in happiness and peace.

Alicia Roanne Witt also known as Alicia Witt is an American actress, singer, writer, pianist and executive producer. She gained her wealth through her acting skills, singing, and being part of the modelling and entertainment industry. As she reflected on her loss, the Two Weeks Notice actress thanked fans on Tuesday for their love and support during her family’s tough time. She also attempted to clear up a few details about the circumstances surrounding her parents’ passing. In 1994, she was handed her first lead role in a movie called “Fun” which helped her receive the “Special Jury Recognition Award” at Sundance Festival.

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In season 13, a resurrected Arthur returns as a mercenary hunter separated from the British Men of Letters who are unaware of his survival. In “War of the Worlds”, he is going by the alias of Alexander Ketch, pretending to be Arthur’s twin brother. However, Dean sees through the disguise and Arthur explains that he had made a deal with Rowena for a resurrection spell that he needs recharged which brought him back after Mary killed him. Arthur saves the Winchesters from a group of demons and insists that he is on their side and that his previous actions only came from being a soldier on the opposite side of a war from them.


In “The British Invasion”, Eileen’s help was enlisted by the Winchesters in finding Kelly Kline. Eileen eventually tracked down a demon working for the Prince of Hell Dagon and got Kelly’s phone number from him before killing the demon with an angel blade. Eileen took part in the mission to capture Kelly Kline and attempted to kill Dagon with the Colt. However, Eileen missed and accidentally killed British Men of Letters operative Renny Rawlings.

As calls him at the end of the episode, Sam admits the truth to Dean who decides to give Mick a chance. In “Devil May Care,” Crowley claims that he did not actually kill Linda and that she wishes that she was dead and promises to take Kevin to her if he releases him. Unsure whether to believe Crowley or not, Kevin doesn’t free him, but decides to look for himself before being stopped by Dean who tells him that even if Linda is still alive, she is as good as dead. In “Taxi Driver”, Crowley finds Kevin, claiming that he captured Linda and tortured her for Kevin’s location.

Michael’s enhancements allow Neil to tell a person’s worst fears simply by touching them and bring the fears to life around them. Neil puts a home owner named Patrick Rawling into a coma, apparently as the result of a stroke and poses as Patrick’s live-in nurse. After revealing that Michael has left similar traps all over, Neil attacks Dean who mysteriously proves immune to his powers.

Grab is a demon thief appearing in season 13 portrayed by Matthew Kevin Anderson. He is described as an expert in bypassing supernatural security and is portrayed as more obnoxious than evil or malicious despite being a demon. Its implied that Grab is not actually his real name but an alias.

That year, she was cast in David Lynch’s “Dune,” in which she played a child with the wisdom and knowledge of an adult . At the time, Witt was more interested in pursuing a career as a concert pianist. By 11, the home-schooled Worcester, Massachusetts native was playing professional gigs, which is how the LA Times came to profile her in 1987. Alicia Witt is fast becoming one of the queens of the Hallmark Channel, along withLacey Chabert and Candace Cameron Bure. Since 2013, Witt has appeared in more Hallmark Channel films than you can count on two hands, perCountry Living. Moreover, in recent years, Witt has become active behind the scenes at Hallmark.

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Witt recorded a noteworthy visitor with a work in Supernatural season 12 as Lily Sunder, a former foe of Castiel. In 2019, he had a joint job in the seventh period of Orange Is the New Black as Zelda. Also, in 2014, Alicia Witt showed up in a noteworthy visitor who featured work in the DirecTV Kingdom deal, which she revealed that October.

Regular werewolves have no control of themselves and run on pure instinct. They appear to change while sleeping and the person lacks any memory of their actions. Leviathans were first introduced as another primary “creation” of God in the Season 7 premiere. According to Death, the Leviathans were among God’s earliest creations but were sealed in Purgatory because they were a threat to His other creations. Castiel accidentally absorbs them, along with the souls in Purgatory, during his attempted apotheosis, and the Leviathans free themselves. Once free, they organize a hierarchy with the Leviathan possessing the businessman Richard “Dick” Roman as the leader, though Crowley claims that this being has always been their leader.

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In “Funeralia” Rowena begins killing humans along with their reapers before their time, altering fate to get the attention of Death, who she wishes to bring back her son, Crowley. The new Death, Billie, expresses sympathy towards her but refuses to bring back her son. Rowena wonders if she can be redeemed but agrees to help the Winchesters. Rowena MacLeod, portrayed by Ruth Connell, is an immortal and powerful witch and the mother of Fergus Rodrick MacLeod, who later became Crowley, the King of Hell. During his childhood, she abused, attempted to sell, and eventually abandoned him. Originating from Scotland, she claims to be one of the few natural-born users of magic.